Linda Gorman

Counsellor and psychotherapist

Welcome to my webpage. I’ve divided up information here into sections, which I hope will help you to find what you’re looking for.
Who I can work with; Qualifications and professional membership; Experience; About me; Confidentiality and support; Sessions and fees; My take on counselling / therapy; What next?

Who I work with

I work with adults, and with young people one to one. I also enjoy working with groups. I work with agencies too, to offer employee assistance programme work. The approach I take is to collaborate with you to understand, resolve and feel more positive about what you are dealing with, which can also help you to identify your own choices. See under Experience for more information.

Qualifications and professional membership

I trained in Humanistic counselling, gaining a degree from Chichester University (a BACP registered course). Importantly for you, I'm an accredited member of NCS (National Counselling Society) and a registered member of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). I have professional insurance.

I work within the ethical guidelines of the BACP and the NCS. One example of what this means, is that I cannot be a friend on social media with people who I see for counselling sessions.

Counselling training often (not always) requires those being trained, to attend counselling sessions - so that we learn about ourselves and know what it's like to be in your shoes. My training did, and I've very much appreciated becoming more in touch with my feelings, gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of myself and I know that this enables me to be a better counsellor and psychotherapist.


I have worked as a counsellor with different agencies including Earl Mountbatten Hospice for five years; Southampton University counselling students and staff; ‘No Limits’ in Southampton with young people, the YMCA on the island with children and young people and Youth Trust. I work privately with individuals and with people employed by companies providing support for their staff.

I work according to what people bring and want to talk about. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify what that is - it can be a vague feeling of something being not quite right, or people being very clear what it is they want to sort out. I’ve worked together with people on dealing with change and with loss; relationships with partners, family, friends, work colleagues; life transitions; childhood abuse; adult abuse; anxiety; depression; fear; identity; gender identity; trauma; loneliness; power; failures and successes. A lot of the time, it can be about how to communicate something to another person, and once it comes across your own lips, that helps.

About me

I have worked in people jobs all my life including in catering, education, cleaning, support work, tutoring in adult education and in youth work and I relate well to people from different backgrounds and situations. I chose to train to become a counsellor, completing initial training twenty years ago and pursuing this further when family commitments allowed.

My original degree was in Social Sciences, I have a post-graduate certificate in Youth work, and a teaching adults qualification. I am a warm, compassionate, patient, empathic person with a sense of humour. I believe life experience has contributed to my becoming an understanding and creative person.

Confidentiality and support

Sessions are confidential between us, which means that I do not share anything you have said with family or friends - yours or mine! You therefore have the chance to work things out for yourself, with confidence.

I do talk with a supervisor to ensure that I am doing my best for people I am working with, and this is done without disclosing personal identifying information. If I have a dilemma, I consult. with my supervisor and the professional bodies I belong to.

The exception, most people understand, is that I am legally obliged to pass on concerns if I think you or others are at risk of harm, and I would discuss that with you.

Sessions and fees

Sessions are 50 minutes, often but not always weekly, though this and depends what works for you and I can offer short or longer-term work and this is reviewed regularly. A few sessions can make a big difference in a person's life.
Charges are £42 per session individually booked, with some concessions available according to means and /or sessions booked.

My take on counselling and psychotherapy

I totally believe in the benefits of therapy, assuming you find the right therapist and can develop a good working relationship. I have witnessed positive changes in people I've worked with, in either a short or over a longer period of time, and heard from them about differences they have experienced for themselves.

I believe that we all need support in life, and more so in stressful, challenging times. Having someone outside of your immediate family or friendships can help provide a non-biased view, which is part of what is beneficial.

Generally sessions involve talking about what is going on for you and whilst it can be difficult to say what it is that is not right in your life, there are alternatives to talking like using clay, drawing, games, or descriptions which are creative and so sessions can be a mixture of doing and talking.

If you feel unhappy and are unsure if this is something that counselling can help with, it's worth calling for a chat. Whether the issue is more obvious or unclear, sessions are about having the space to work through things for yourself, with support.

What next?

Find out more, or book a session, by texting or emailing me and we can either arrange a time to speak on the phone; and/or book a time to meet. I offer counselling in Ryde, in Newport and in Ventnor.
Phone number: 07749 622 432
Email: [email protected]